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Dr. Jodi nishida
Jodi Nishida, Doctor of Pharmacy, has been in healthcare for over 22 years and is certified in both ketogenic nutrition and cardiovascular disease management.  She became a huge advocate of the ketogenic lifestyle after experiencing it's ability to reverse her chronic illness and stop her dependency on a medication she took for 13 years. She is now on a mission to practice healthcare sensibly and has already helped hundreds of people achieve their best state of health in years. She empowers you with the right information about food and how it affects you with a goal of eliminating your medications and reversing illness. This is all in addition to helping you lose pounds, inches of fat, and feeling better than you have in decades.
Having a plan with clear direction is key! When coupled with a step-by-step program that sets you up for success, all it takes is your daily implementation and commitment to "Better". Dr. Jodi Nishida has personally designed programs to fit the individual needs of her clients, while focusing on health issues that improve with the ketogenic lifestyle. Her goal is to tailor Keto to each individual patient.  The synergy of  keto with the right mindset + application has proven time and again to change lives and improve overall health and wellness.  Visit www.theketoprescription.com/
food choices
 "You are what you eat", is a cliche that is taken with a grain of salt. This is 100% true. Many of us move through the day on "auto-pilot" and rely on grab-and-go items or fast-food for convenience, not realizing what we're putting in our mouths. Making healthy choices and understanding how food works inside the body is key. On a ketogenic plan, changing one ingredient in your favorite dish can "ketofy" it and make all the difference in your long term health. It can be surprising how small tweaks allow you to enjoy the same foods!  
The ketogenic lifestyle isn't just about food and weight loss. We all have beliefs and patterns that have been ingrained since childhood. This programming affects how we eat, what we eat, and how we function on a daily basis both consciously and subconsciously. Having a clear picture of all areas that contribute to your health and wellness is an important component of our programs.  A new mindset with the right tools will bring new results.  Our professional keto team consists of consulting MDs, a doctor of pharmacy, doctor of psychology, and life coach who have been living the keto lifestyle themselves for years.  We are qualified medically and professionally and have designed our services to help you succeed long term.
Our Keto Coaching programs have been thoughtfully and carefully designed to fit all demographics. 
We don't focus solely on weight loss.  We focus on long term health, reversing illness, and helping to get you off your medications. Included in our programs are easy to understand food lists, meal plans, recipes, snacks, tips on dining out, how to revamp your cupboard and refrigerator, helpful journals, fat-burning workouts, instructional videos, and so much more!  Dr. Jodi makes keto EASY and SUSTAINABLE.  Unlike other programs, we provide 1:1 coaching in all of our packages to ensure you feel safe, supported, and unique.  This isn't just a bunch of PDFs.  This is keto tailored to YOU!  We offer different price points and different packages to support different stages of your keto or health journey.  Couples coaching, family coaching, group coaching, and classes for employer groups - inquire at drjodinishida@gmail.com.


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