Dr. Jodi Nishida
Let me help you obtain a better understanding of the following:

What is keto?
Is it safe?
is it right for me?
Dr. Jodi nishida
Jodi Nishida, Doctor of Pharmacy, has been in healthcare for over 23 years. She is certified in both ketogenic nutrition and cardiovascular disease management and works with your physician to safely reduce your medications.  After experiencing the keto lifestyle's ability to reverse her chronic illness of 13 years, she decided to open a keto-based medical clinic with 2 other doctors in Hawaii.  She has already helped hundreds of people achieve their best state of health in years and her program is approved by Hawaii's Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. 
With all of the misinformation out there, having an easy, understandable plan is key! Dr. Jodi has personally designed programs to fit the individual needs of her patients, tailored to their medications and medical conditions.  This is real keto, not social media keto!  She makes it easy for everyone whether you work full time or are on a fixed income, whether you're cooking at home or eating out.
food choices
 "You are what you eat" is 1000% true.  Making healthy choices and understanding how food works inside the body is key. Keto is NOT the "meat and cheese" diet nor is it one of those restrictive diets where you walk around feeling hungry all day.  Dr. Jodi teaches you what a well-formulated ketogenic diet looks like with food you buy in a grocery store.  She doesn't push diet pills, drinks, supplements, surgery, or injections.  Small changes in your eating habits will lead to big improvements in your health.  Dr. Jodi also works tirelessly to provide keto options for her patients through menu and restaurant consulting, YouTube and Facebook videos, and the creation of Hawaii's 1st Keto Friendly Food Court.  See below!
keto coaching
Our Keto Coaching programs have been thoughtfully designed to fit all demographics and socioeconomic groups.  We don't focus solely on weight loss.  We focus on long term health and reversing illness. Included in our programs are easy to understand food lists, short meal plans to get started, recipes, snacks, tips on dining out, how to revamp your cupboard and refrigerator, instructional videos, and so much more!  Dr. Jodi makes keto EASY and SUSTAINABLE.  She even has patients as far away as Scotland and Nova Scotia!  Unlike other programs, she provides 1:1 coaching to ensure safety, medical ethics, and efficacy.  This isn't just a bunch of PDFs.  This is keto tailored to YOU!  Different price points and packages are available for new and existing keto patients, couples, families, and small-large classes. 

Clinic appointments are available on Oahu by calling or texting  
(530) 420-5844. If you have a flex spending account, your visit might be covered in full.

If you have GI conditions such as heartburn, GERD, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal issues, etc., your visit could be covered by your insurance plan.  Call Hawaii Gastro Health at (808) 376-2100 or visit www.hawaiigastrohealthsolutions.com to inquire.
keto community
The ketogenic lifestyle isn't a fad.  Educated providers know that this is a healthcare solution.  Dr. Jodi is committed to creating the "official' keto community in Hawaii when she's not seeing patients in her clinic.  Through menu consulting, guest appearances on podcasts, her YouTube show titled "Hawaii Ket Eats," creating keto meetups, organizing keto-approved bake sales, or giving keto presentations on other islands, Dr. Jodi is paving the way.   
Eating Out 
HAWAII'S 1ST KETO FRIENDLY FOOD COURT is now open!  Dr. Jodi's collaboration with Jun's Awesome Hot Sauce and the Ohana Hale Marketplace gives her community lots of approved options in one convenient location, seven days a week!  Some of the vendors she's worked with are Via Gelato, Sweet E's, Round Table Pizza, Rokaru Shabu Shabu, Tess Kitchen, Asian Flavors, Fat Cheeks, Bo's Kitchen, Allegrini Mozzarella, Xi'an Taste, It's Chili in Hawaii, D.A. Sweetz, Waffle & Berry, Yum Sap, Consuelo's Kusina, and Jun's Awesome Hot Sauce. 
Employer Groups 
 Smart employers are always looking for ways to help their employees get healthy.  Keto can improve health, reduce medical premiums, reduce sick days, and increase productivity.  Dr. Jodi has worked with companies like John Mullen, Express Scripts, Advantage Insurance, HMSA, and many more!  Contact her at drjodinishida@gmail.com to inquire.


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