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TIME Magazine Feature

Dr. Jodi covers the Special Edition of TIME magazine titled The Science of Nutrition.

Here is an excerpt from the magazine itself: “The consequences of what’s called the ‘standard American diet’ - SAD is the acronym - as we know, are visible around the nation’s expanding waistline, with a record 39.8% of American adults now qualifying as obese and more than 85% of the population expected to be overweight or obese by 2030.”

GI Conditions

The GI tract runs from “mouth to poop chute.” Dr. Russell Yang explains the anatomy of the GI tract and it’s surrounding organs as well as the most commonly associated medical conditions.

COVID-19 Facts

Dr. Jodi reviews the current list of COVID19 symptoms from head to toe and discusses pre-existing medical conditions that seem to worsen your prognosis when hospitalized. This is an important video that will hopefully encourage many of you to improve your state of health.

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