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For 6 months, Dr. Jodi had the ultimate privilege of working with some of Hawaii's best chefs to bring you original, delicious keto recipes!  These are now available for you to purchase.

Each month includes a video of keto tips to help you succeed + informational articles

on the nutritional value of ingredients being used that month.

Getting healthy should be fun, delicious, and sustainable. That's The Keto Prescription way!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Dec 2020 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for December 2020
    • Keto Pad Thai
    • Lao Style Keto Cucumber Salad
    • Lao Style Keto Larb Tofu
    • Beef Sateh w/ Pecan Sauce
    • Lemongrass Article
    • Intro Video to My Keto Advantage
    • Guest Chef: Ashley Thaira from Asian Flavors HI
  • Jan 2021 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for January 2021
    • Pork Tenderloin Medallions
    • Chicken Breast Cutlet Capricciosa
    • Pleurote Au Gratin
    • Zuppa Toscana
    • Articles: Italian Parsley, EVOO
    • Video: Total Carbs vs Net Carbs
    • Guest Chef: Donato Loperfido of Flavors of Italy
  • Feb 2021 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for February 2021
    • Avocado Crema
    • Cashew Chicken
    • Keto Milkshake
    • Best Keto Mug Bread
    • Bonus: Dark Chocolate PB Treat
    • Articles: Mac Nut Oil, Dark Chocolate
    • Video: Gut Health w/ Nichole from Haole Girl Bake House
  • Mar 2021 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for March 2021
    • Nori-Wrapped Fish
    • Keto Mentaiko Pasta
    • Oysters w/ Creamed Leeks
    • Taco Gohan
    • Article: Leeks
    • Video: Mindset for Optimal Health and Weight Loss
    • Guest Chef: Craig Sako
  • Apr 2021 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for April 2021
    • Curry & Cumin Cauliflower Rice
    • Spicy Garlic Black Pepper Tiger Prawns
    • Shaking Beef
    • Vanilla Pot de Creme
    • Article: Cumin
    • Video: American Dairy Products
    • Guest Chef: Chai Chaowasaree of Chef Chai
  • May 2021 - MKA

    My Keto Advantage Plan for January 2021
    • Keto Cold Noodles
    • Keto Chicken Yakotori
    • Wafu Steak
    • Salmon Skin Salad
    • Articles: Coconut Aminos, Salmon
    • Video: How To Grocery Shop on Keto
    • Guest Chef: Anonymous Executive Chef from a famous resort

Eating Out Recommendations


Chef Jon Matsubara is a culinary expert and offers 2-3 keto friendly meals at any given time. The Jon Lechon, Lobster Roll Salad, Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce, and Keto Bento are some of his incredibly delicious offerings!


Dr. Jodi’s newest restaurant collaboration! Keto food and drink menu available with multiple amazing and filling selections.


A local chain in Hawaii with an entire menu of keto items!  NY steak, shrimp, hearty salads, Dr. Jodi's favorite Portobello Mushroom + Chicken Stack, and so much more!


7-Eleven HI offers two keto-approved meals in their stores. Be sure to look for The Keto Prescription sticker in their fresh meal section!  So convenient, so easy!


Nabe (Hot Pot) is a major comfort food for many of us. Dr. Jodi and Kevin have worked to reduce the total carb count in the Keto MicrowavaBOWL so that people can conveniently enjoy this at work or at home!  Super filling and comforting!


Dr. Jodi and Jess have teamed up to bring consumers truly healthy meats. Head to her website at to check out the listing and be sure to try her amazingly rich, homemade bone broth and Dr. Jodi Chili! 


Frozen deliciousness custom made for keto life-stylers.  Magic Chocolate, Magic Coffee, and Magic Pistachio are their current sugar-free offerings at < 25gm total carbohydrates per keiki cup.


Refreshing tropical flavors are what makes this drink amazing. Brewed using mamaki leaves, Shaka Tea is caffeine-free, sugar free, and zero calories!  Available in many stores nationally in both iced and hot teas!


Dr. Jodi is proudly partnering with
to bring you the benefits of veggies and moringa grown in microbe-rich soil using the Korean Natural Farming method. No fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides! These superfoods are then fed to their pigs to produce a pork product that is amazingly clean and healthy. 


Located at the top of Waialae Avenue and winner of multiple awards, The Surfing Pig is the hidden gem of Kaimuki. Set in a trendy vibe, their food is delicious and with numerous keto friendly appetizers, entrees, and cocktails. Ask for the keto menu! Maybe you'll see Dr. Jodi as she is a regular here!


Bing Bros Hawaii is located at Hickam AFB. They'll be serving a ketofied version of their Bing Bowl.  One of the few kiosk spaces where you can enjoy a Keto Dish on the west side. When putting together the Keto Bing Bowl they had me at “Air-Fried chicken skin”. 

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