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PharmD, MHP - Quality, Experienced Care You Can Trust

Hi, my name is Dr. Jodi and I’m a Doctor of Pharmacy and accredited Metabolic Healthcare Practitioner who’s been in healthcare for over 25 years. After experiencing the ketogenic lifestyle’s effect on my own autoimmune condition, I decided to build a keto-based


medical practice so others could benefit from it, too.

Over the last few years, I've helped over 1000 patients realize the benefits of clean, medically-guided keto.

With certifications in ketogenic nutrition, cardiovascular disease management, pharmacogenomics, and medication management, I work closely with each and every patient to tailor keto to their medications, medical conditions, lifestyle, and socioeconomic situation.  I am also in training for processed food addiction recovery as this is America's true pandemic.

Our Philosophy

No expensive pre-packaged meals, bars, or shakes. Just real food with lots of education and support.  That’s our promise to you.

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