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Everyone Loves Poke! + Our Very First Keto Pregnancy and Keto Baby! - Season 1 Episode 6
The Keto Prescription

Everyone Loves Poke! + Our Very First Keto Pregnancy and Keto Baby! - Season 1 Episode 6

Hawaii is the poke capital of the world and no one knows the best spots like us locals do! Poke is the perfect keto friendly food whether it's spicy ahi, cold ginger ahi, fried garlic ahi, or king crab. In today's episode, we feature Off The Hook poke market in Manoa and Tamura's Fine Wine and Liquors in Kaimuki - 2 ultra popular poke spots. With gestational diabetes affecting over 10% of pregnancies globally every year, the question of "can you do keto safely during pregnancy" is a timely question. **Disclaimer: Always consult your OBGYN first. This is not medical advice. This is one patient's story and testimonial.** Nohea is a patient of Dr. Jodi's who suffered from chronic constipation, gut health issues, and celiac disease her whole life. Being told to "eat more vegetables" did not work and she was eventually found to have colon polyps at the young age of 29. Starting a ketogenic diet not only improved her celiac disease, it also decreased the inflammation and pain she was experiencing from old sports injuries and increased her energy. Nohea is our first full term keto pregnancy and her beautiful daughter Emma Rose is our very first keto baby who is exceeding every developmental milestone. We discuss the unfortunate pitfalls of infant formula which so many of us moms rely/relied on, the importance of healthy fats for your baby's brain development, morning sickness, breastmilk, breastfeeding, eczema, and so much more. The ketogenic diet is not just for weight loss or new year's resolutions. It's hugely beneficial for so much more when done under medical supervision by a trained and accredited medical professional. References:,experiences%20gastrointestinal%20upset%20with%20no%20obvious%20physical%20cause.,amount%20of%20sugar%20in%20100g%20is%2056%20g.
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