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Thank you, Hawaii, for choosing us as your #1 Weight Loss Center!

We are dedicated to a healthier Hawaii. Our goal is to reverse

metabolic disease and diabetes in our beautiful home state ... the right way.

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Hawaii's Only Accredited Low Carb/Keto Clinic

Why Medically-Guided, Clean Keto is Safe

Any change in dietary habits should be under the supervision of a trained medical professional.  Dr. Jodi has earned her credentials and accreditation as a Metabolic Health Practitioner.  As she teaches you how to do a clean version of the ketogenic diet, she will also communicate with your doctor, order appropriate lab tests, and help to adjust your medications accordingly.

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The Keto Clinic

Dr. Jodi has partnered with Dr. Maria Markarian, an interventional cardiologist, to create Hawaii’s first cardiometabolic clinic.  Additionally, Dr. Jodi understands how food and sugar addicted we've all become over time. She works closely with 2 local psychologists to help her patients address the

ROOT causes of their eating behaviors.

Her program is the first in Hawaii

to truly address sugar addiction. 

Almost all insurance plans are accepted with extremely reasonable cash rates otherwise.

With offices in Kailua, Makawao, and telemedicine options, she and her compassionate staff are dedicated to the true health of Hawaii.

What Does Clean Keto Look Like?

Social media has muddied the waters and created misperceptions of what we eat. Keto is low carb, moderate protein, and healthy fats. We eat whole foods, fresh vegetables, and clean proteins and teach you what healthy fats are like avocado and extra virgin olive oil. We also teach you the proper ratios based on your height, weight, activity level, and medical conditions.

Keto Meal Prep Made Easy

We are now cooking Keto Meal Preps for Oahu people! We guarantee eight ounces of protein per meal, macros in the right ratios, and no seed oils. The reviews have been amazing and we focus on ketofied dishes that appeal to local people. If you’re looking for an easy way to stay on track, this is for you!

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Join the KetOhana Community

Ohana means family. What makes The Keto Prescription different is our sense of community. We give our patients time and attention and really listen to identify eating behaviors and food choices which affect health.  Empathy, support, and the right tools and education are the keys to success.


Dr. Jodi Nishida is as genuine as they get! She's jam packed with KETO knowledge. She's helping  people transform their lives by providing clients with her time, knowledge and experience. She's witty and down to earth so keeping things maintainable is realistic with her. Her services are reasonable and her knowledge is what will help someone determined to change their lifestyle flourish on!  She even works with patients across the country!!!  She has support group and services To help her clients individually. She's helping us clients change habits and mindsets so it can be frustrating for us but  she incredibly passionate and patient. She has her own keto story and keto pup named Pumpkin!



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Please call (808) 888-0005 to schedule a clinic appointment. We now have 2 locations! Kailua, Oahu and Pukalani, Maui!

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Visit Us

25 Maluniu Avenue #201
Kailua, HI 96734

40 Kupaoa Street #B-204

Makawao, HI 96768

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