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Our meal preps pave the way to better health.

Working with over 2500 patients made me realize that the biggest obstacles to great health are three things: lack of knowledge, lack of time, and lack of kitchen confidence. We can help.

Click "order now" to donate meals to displaced families in Lahaina! 

Delivery now available for most areas on Oahu!!!

Type "delivery" and your address in your order notes and

we will contact you!

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1. Meal(s) are announced on the website and on Dr. Jodi's FB/IG every Thursday-Sunday.
2. Orders and payment must be in by Sunday at 10pm to confirm your order.
3. We cook on Tuesdays.
4. There are 3 pickup locations: UFC Waikele, UFC Honolulu, and The Keto Prescription Clinic in Kailua.

5. UFC orders are delivered on Tuesdays by 5pm. They are open 24/7 and you can pick up any day/time after delivery. The Keto refrigerator is located inside the entrance along the right wall.
6. Kailua orders are delivered on Wednesdays at 8:30am. You can pick up during our business hours anytime after that.
7. Delivery orders have a 4 item minimum.

8. We now offer a recycle program! Leave your washed containers and lids in the refrigerator when picking up your meals. Be sure your name is still printed on the lids. We will credit you 40 cents PER CONTAINER REUSED at the end of each month. Your containers will be reused for your order specifically.

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Are you a busy parent juggling work, kids, sports, and home life?

Are you busy caregiving for a parent or loved one?

Do you work long hours with little time to cook?

Do you lack confidence in the kitchen?

Are you one of the many people in Hawaii with prediabetes, diabetes, gut issues, autoimmune disorders, cancer, migraines, or joint pain?

Are you looking to lose weight and feel better?

Dr. Jodi and her team have worked hard in the kitchen to

create meals that are truly keto.

We ensure 8oz of protein per meal, a small amount of healthy fat,

and do not use inflammatory seed oils.  

Additionally, we know what locals like to eat!!

Clean Keto is the key to the health!


It was so easy to pickup and delicious!!!! I know it was difficult to get this going but thank you for offering the meals.


Who knew that cauliflower mash could be so onolicious 😋😋


I ate mine soon as my daughter brought it home. It was ONOLICIOUS 🤙


This round of meal prep is off da hook!!!!

Lee Ann 

DELISH!!!! Savory and filling! Looking forward to next week! The sauce was so good that I stopped short of licking the container.

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